Baccarat Online: How To Play And What Makes It Popular?

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Baccarat Online: How To Play And What Makes It Popular?


After all the car racing and gun fighting type of video games, the craze for card games like baccarat, rummy and poker etc. is resurfacing. This recent interest of people in the online card games of different types has given rise to many online casinos and gaming sites. One of the most popular casino games to be played is baccarat online. 

What is baccarat? 

The dictionary defines baccarat as a type of คา สิ โน ออ น ไล card game involving two or three hands. To determine the winner, the face value of the cards is divided by ten. The one with the highest remainder wins the game. 

Types of baccarat 

There are three most popular types of baccarat available for playing online. These are : 

  • Punto Banco ( also called the North American baccarat)


In this type of baccarat the cards which are dealt with the players, govern his game moves.


  • Baccarat chemin de fer ( also know as chemmy baccarat or simply chemmy)


Chemin de fer translates to ‘road of iron in English. There is a marked contrast between the baccarat chemin de fer and Punto Banco baccarat in the game moves. In the former, both the players are free to make their choices in-game moves.

  • Baccarat banque (or the deux tableaux)


This is the third most popular baccarat type. Banque is a French word, meaning bank and deux tableaux translate to two tables in English. Just like in baccarat chemin de fer, both the players are free to make choices in-game moves, in baccarat Banque.

How to play baccarat online?

Playing baccarat online is simple if you know all the rules of the game and are aware of the terms used in it.

Just select a trusted and authentic website which lets you play baccarat online, create your account and start playing.

In case you are new to playing baccarat, you need to the following about this game and how it is played:

  • This game is played between two players. One is the banker, and the other is the player.
  • The bet can be placed on either hand (the player and the banker) and is placed before the cards are dealt. 
  • The next and very important thing to know is the value of the cards. The tens cards and the face cards all are of zero value. For the rest of the cards, their face value is their value in the game. 
  • One will be betting on whether the banker will win or player or there will be a tie. If the total of the face value of the cards in hand is 9, then that side wins. 

Baccarat is an age-old game that is still played pretty enthusiastically across the globe. People like to spend their money on various baccarat sessions. But, nowadays the zeal has passed onto the internet. As nowadays the players like to take part in online baccarat games. Online baccarat is easy, short in sessions, has better odds, and one can control their money easily as well. 

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