James Bond Roulette Strategy – Does It Really Work?

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James Bond Roulette Strategy – Does It Really Work?


Systems and strategies are like sand at sea in roulette online slot game malaysia. One of them is the so-called James Bond Roulette Strategy or the James Bond Roulette System. We want to explain how this system works and whether you can actually beat the roulette game, https://www.onebet2u.com/my/en-us/product/slot.

Every little boy (and a large number of girls too) wished at some point in their childhood (and maybe even later) that they could be as refined and smooth as master spy James Bond. It wasn’t just his way of dealing with the ladies and his action-packed moves that made him so popular. Indeed – and especially casino goers will know that – there are only a few players with better finesse and strategy than Mr. Bond.

What is the James Bond roulette strategy?

Despite his big name, the James Bond roulette strategy is both deceptively simple and straightforward (which is different from the man himself). The first thing you need to know about the James Bond Roulette method is that you can’t just play any sum and hope for the best.

We’re only looking at European Roulette (with a single zero), but the strategy works the same way with American Roulette (with an additional double zero).

To properly implement the James Bond strategy, you need at least 200 dollars to play with. As soon as you have these 200 dollars in your hand, you have to put 140 dollars on the passport, the high numbers (19-36), another 50 dollars on the six-fold transversals (13-18) and the last 10 dollars on 0 as insurance put. That is, they put together as follows:

How to bet with the James Bond Roulette strategy

  • Passport (19 – 36): $ 140
  • Six transversals (13 – 18): $ 50
  • Zeró (zero): $ 10

You have to bet a total of 200 dollars.

What results can you achieve with the James Bond method?

If you play with this method and a number falls from 19 to 36 (including these numbers), you will win at least 80 dollars. If one of the six numbers falls from 13 to 18, you make a profit of 100 dollars. If you are lucky enough to see green and a Zeró (0) falls, you will get a whopping profit of 160 dollars.

If you are unlucky enough to drop a number between 1 and 12, you have lost. In summary, this means:

With the James Bond Roulette strategy, you win and lose

  • The ball falls on 19 to 36: win of $ 80
  • The ball falls on 13 to 18: profit of $ 100
  • The ball falls to 0: profit of $ 160
  • The ball falls on 1 to 12: loss of $ 200

Does the James Bond Roulette Strategy Work?

The nice thing about the James Bond method is that you get a profit in 25 of 37 cases – that means in more than two-thirds of all cases you win between 80 and 160 dollars. In almost a third of all cases, however, you lose 200 dollars.

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